Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce

Lots of people ask us what the difference is between a normal divorce and an uncontested divorce.  The long and short of it is, an uncontested divorce is civil, cost effective and quick. The technical definition of an uncontested divorce is as follows:

Uncontested divorce is where both parties agree that the marriage is over and they also agree on the division of marital assets and debts, child custody (if applicable), child support (if applicable) and spousal support.

Some advantages of uncontested divorce are:

  • Uncontested divorce is a less stressful and more friendly way to end a marriage.
  • Uncontested divorce is highly cost effective; often saving at least $3,000 and up to $12,000 compared to a regular divorce.
  • As opposed to contested divorces, uncontested divorces can be completed in as little as 31 days from the filing of the divorce petition.

While many people do understand what uncontested divorce is, we do like to remind our clients that to be classified as an uncontested divorce you must not have any of the following problems:

  • Both parties must agree on all the major issues outlined above and know about the intended proceeding. If one party is unaware of and does not agree to the divorce, then it becomes contested.
  • Uncontested divorce WILL NOT ALLOW you to gain emergency custody of your children or stop a spouse from engaging in harmful or destructive activities. That is a contested divorce and we are happy to recommend reputable attorneys in the area that handle those types of divorces.

Making the choice to end your marriage is never easy but it can be a simple process.  If you and your spouse can remain civil and agree with one another about the division of liabilities and assets, spousal support, child support and other issues, the divorce process can be much less stressful and highly efficient.

The process of uncontested divorce offers the parties the opportunity to end their marriage with dignity and without all the drawn out squabbling that divorces can often bring about.  The most obvious advantage of an uncontested divorce is the cost but that shouldn’t be viewed as the only advantage. It can often be a means of keeping the peace between the divorcing parties so that your amicable divorce remains that way. It is also very much more private and cooperative.  It is also less likely to result in substantial costs beyond the normal attorneys fees and court costs.

If you have reached the point where you and your spouse feel that your marriage is beyond repair, give the attorneys at Harmon and Gorove a call and set up a low cost consultation where we can discuss your situation in a private and comfortable environment.

Our office handles all types of uncontested divorces. Before calling our office for an appointment to begin an uncontested divorce, please ensure that both of you actually agree on the main issues concerning property division. Keep in mind that both of you must be willing to sign all necessary paperwork.

We charge a flat fee for uncontested divorces and only charge $50 for the initial consultation (if you file, the $50 is applied to your total fee). Unlike other attorneys who charge hundreds just to talk to you and thousands up front if you want to retain them, our attorney fees start at $800 for divorces without minor children and divorces with minor children start at $1500. All fees are plus court costs and other court imposed fees which usually run in the neighborhood of around $300. When we quote you a price, we mean it. We don’t charge $25 to answer an email or $100 for a phone call, that’s included in your fees.  We require a down payment of 50% of the total amount to begin the process. This down payment is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due within 30 days, unless a payment plan is worked out.